Expressive Hands and Minds Workshop with Laurie Plant

An Arts Society Grant helps Cirencester College deliver a direct observation skills workshop and provide experience of working outside a studio for its art students.

A combined group of A Level and CTECH Art students were lucky enough to spend the morning of the 27th June 2022 with local artist Laurie Plant who conducted an exciting drawing workshop down at the idyllic axe head, on the Cirencester College campus.

The location was a luscious green environment, seemingly far removed from the usual studio work space with which the students are more familiar. Laurie encouraged and inspired students to embrace nature, including the rain, and reaffirm a love for the subject; responding to their creative observations and instincts.

The students produced a wonderful collection of expressive and gestural drawings throughout the session. Their enjoyment of the workshop was evident from their willingness to participate in all activities very enthusiastically. Spending time outside, experiencing and reacting to nature and engaging in a peaceful and inspiring series of creative activities proved to be very uplifting for the students and also helped reinforce health and wellbeing benefits of nature.

Report by Hannah Davies , A Level Fine Art Course Team Leader and Laurie Plant, Artist.

Images credit: Cirencester College