Fun with Mosaic Flowerpots at Cirencester Opportunity Group 

The Arts Society Community Grant helps the Cirencester Opportunity Group (COG) engage children in creating decorative flower and flower pot mosaics.

Cirencester Opportunity Group (known locally as COG) is a small charity serving the town of Cirencester and the surrounding villages for almost 50 years, providing vital support for children aged 0-5 and their parents.  The Family Centre is a thriving haven for families and with the £400 funding from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund through the Arts Society London/Arts Society Corinium, COG was able to provide two wonderful art sessions for parents and children to join in together. 

COG invited parents and children to be part of the planned Mosaic Flowerpots art sessions taking place in their large annexe.  Under the expert guidance of professional Artist Nicky Swettenham, assisted by Viv, Barbara and Claire, COG felt proud to be able to introduce mosaic art to the families.  The original Cirencester Roman Hare Mosaic, which is now on display at the local Corinium Museum, was actually first discovered on the very land that the Family Centre is situated on, and this site is now protected by Historic England as a site of historic and archaeological importance.  So, this mosaic project has true meaning to COG’s heritage too! 

Creating positive beginnings for young children and families

Nicky Swettenham led the two art sessions very well with her volunteers, sensitively explaining and demonstrating the various mosaic techniques but also providing them with the opportunity to take their time and ask as many questions as they needed to.  In total, 11 families (11 adults and 11 children) took part in the Mosaic Flowerpot family art project! 

Some parents stayed for the whole session both times and some parents stayed for between 45 mins and 3 hours at each session.  COG tried to ensure the sessions were inclusive and with some flexibility as they didn’t want to create any barriers to people feeling able to be involved. However with everyone’s support, all were able to take part successfully.

COG Family Outreach team felt that the parents and children both very much enjoyed the mosaic art and as well as having the freedom to choose what colour their flowerpot mosaic board would be designing the flowers was especially fun!  Everybody found the mosaic activity a very calming way to create art and express themselves!

Using mosaic tiles to create such beautiful artwork was a new experience for many and so this activity was truly enriching. The parents, children and everybody else who took part were proud of their achievements and the finished effect of what they had created, especially when they were unveiled on the walls at COG. Everybody at COG is truly grateful to the Arts Society Corinium for their support of this wonderful project, which brought our community together in such a creative way, especially following the past couple of years when it has been so difficult to get together like this.

Here are some quotes from parents:

We had such a lovely time and it was so lovely for us to spend time with all you ladies and to learn something new.

I think I might have found a new hobby!

Thank you and I can’t wait to see them all finished and put up :)

It was fun doing my mosaic board 

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

The Mosaic Flowerpot boards are displayed around the COG building and the children’s Play area for the families to feel proud of and enjoy for years to come! 

Creating positive beginnings for young children and families

Image credit: Viv Styles