Rudy Percival

Images with the kind permission of Rudy Percival , Ben Collins, Liam Strong and Emily Davis

July 2021

Here are three links to extracts from Rudy's new musical Between that he has forwarded to us for us to enjoy. 

A musical video for the song "I'm Sorry, I Love You" from Between.

The full short film of Between, which is currently streaming exclusively on the 

National Student Drama Festival website

A landing page to discover where to stream or buy the Album for Between, which will be released on August 6th

May 2021

The Arts Society Corinium is pleased to announce that its Young Arts funding for 2021 has been awarded to Rudy Percival from Cirencester. Rudy will imminently embark on his 2-year postgraduate studies for a Master of Music in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London 

Rudy Percival's biography

Raised in Cirencester, Rudy is a local young musician who aspires to become a theatre composer.  Since starting piano lessons at the age of eight in Cirencester Primary School, Rudy has developed a passion for music, which was further nurtured through his education at Deer Park Secondary School.  During his study for A-levels at Pate’s Grammar School, Rudy also attended the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama on Saturdays and taught students (often older than he was) at the Cirencester Barn Academy Stage School on Sundays.

 At eighteen, Rudy was awarded the Environmusic Composition Prize, and was accepted into the senior department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama as a Henry Wood Scholar, initiating his studies for a Bachelor of Music in Composition under the tutelage of the composer Matthew Kaner. He additionally studied voice with the opera singer Theresa Goble, and scriptwriting with the librettist and playwright Steven Plaice.

Rudy has recently written his second musical, Between, which was awarded the 2020 ‘coLABorate’ grant in order to fund a filmed staging and streaming of the work at the Silk Street Theatre, Barbican, London. Between was also a finalist for Slam Soaps 2020 in London’s Boulevard Theatre, and has since been selected for a 2021 platforming on the National Student Drama Festival’s ‘Hub.’ 

At present, Rudy is the composer and musical supervisor for the Barn Theatre’s new theatrical adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s The Mozart Question, premiering in 2022.  His instrumental compositions have been performed by a number of notable ensembles and soloists including Highlands for Quatuor Bozzini, Uncanny Valley for Heather Roche, Bedtime Chorale for EXAUDI and Unfold/Fold for the pianist Ben Smith.

Rudy's postgraduate studies for a Master of Music in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music will be under the tutelage of Tony Award-Winning theatre composer and orchestrator, Christopher Austin.  This education will further refine Rudy’s vocational skills as a composer and therefore assist in further developing his career in writing music for theatre. Rudy will use his Young Arts funding towards the costs of his degree.

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