July News

Evening at the Old Rectory, Quenington.

Last month we reported that our President, Lucy Abel-Smith had very kindly invited members to enjoy an evening visit to their enchanting gardens mid-July.

The event which was planned for Monday July 12 has now been re-organised to Sunday 15th August.

A link to the information about how to register has been provided in July's newsletter.

Help us improve and grow our Society

We are constantly working to improve and grow our Society – this works particularly well when Members actively participate in the delivery of our activities. For each role, we are endeavouring to recruit at least two people. This gives extra support to the role holders, provides back-up for when one is on holiday and, importantly, increases ideas and creativity in our approach. In particular, we are looking for support in these areas:

  • Programme – to create and deliver our programme of talks, based on selecting speakers from the Society’s extensive directory.

  • Visits – as soon as we can head out for visits, we will be putting together a new programme which will need support in admin and logistics.

  • Chair – this role will be vacant next year, in compliance with our Constitution, and we are actively recruiting the next person to take the Society’s lead. Any interested party please submit a written application to Lesley by email info@theartssocietycorinium.org by 31st July 2021.

Any members interested in helping in any of the other roles are asked to contact any of the committee members during a meeting, or by emailing info@theartssocietycorinium.org