Renewals for 2022

We only have two more talks for this year and will be asking for you to consider renewing before the end of the year, so we can start the New Year ready to go!

This year, as we are now being charged by the bank to cash cheques, we are asking you to either pay by BACS or, if you prefer you could go into your bank and ask them to transfer the amount for you or, if neither are possible, then we will accept payment by cheque but we would ask you to add an additional 40p to the amount which would cover our bank charge for cashing a cheque.

We are delighted that we have managed to keep the membership at £48 for the year and do hope that you will rejoin and enjoy the varied programme planned.

Help us improve and grow our Society

We are constantly working to improve and grow our Society – this works particularly well when Members actively participate in the delivery of our activities. For each role, we are endeavouring to recruit at least two people. This gives extra support to the role holders, provides back-up for when one is on holiday and, importantly, increases ideas and creativity in our approach.

Any members interested in helping are asked to contact any of the committee members during a meeting, or by emailing