Betty Joel

March 24th

Betty Joel: glamour and innovation in 1930s interior design

Clive Stewart-Lockart

Betty Joel, born Mary Stewart Lockhart, ran a furniture making and design business. At its peak, in the 1920’s and 30’s, Betty Joel Ltd employed 50 craftsmen and had showrooms in Knightsbridge.

With rare access to three surviving schemes, the style and glamour of 1930’s design is brought to life and retells the story of a determined woman in a world still run by men.

Clive Stewart-Lockart

Clive has been working in the fine art world for 40 years. Previously MD of Woolley and Wallis, the UK's leading regional auctioneers in Salisbury, a specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow for over 20 years, he now provides independent advice on valuation and appraisal of fine art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles.