Provenance Matters

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May 26th 2021

Provenance matters: the mass faking of the Russian avant-garde

by James Butterwick

With the opening of Russia post-glasnost came a huge surge of interest in the Russian Avant Garde. Previously unknown artists, Malevich, Popova and Filonov among them, became famous and sought-after by the new Russian-buying public. With their reappearance, however, came an industrial-scale level of faking of their pictures, together with other artists of the period, often with the connivance, unwitting or otherwise, of Western and Russian experts.

James Butterwick

James Butterwick began collecting and selling Russian Art in 1985 and has established himself as one of the world’s leading experts. In 2008 James became the only foreign member of International Confederation of Antique and Art Dealers of Russia and the CIS and in 2013 joined the Society of London Art Dealers.