The West Mercia Area of the Arts Society is large and diverse, including the Cotswolds, the cities of Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, Cardiff, Brecon and St Davids, the West Wales Coast and the Malvern Hills.

The Fifty Treasures book concentrates on a selection of treasures that might not normally be found in conventional guides, all of which have been selected by the members of the various Arts Societies in the West Mercia Area.

Copies of the Fifty Treasures of the West Mercia Area, priced £5 will be on sale at our Talks meetings at the Cirencester Baptist Church.

Why not keep a copy in your car and next time you are exploring the West Mercia Area see if you can find the treasures in the book. Three of the treasures are in or near Cirencester!

Help us improve and grow our Society

We are constantly working to improve and grow our Society – this works particularly well when Members actively participate in the delivery of our activities. For each role, we are endeavouring to recruit at least two people. This gives extra support to the role holders, provides back-up for when one is on holiday and, importantly, increases ideas and creativity in our approach.

Any members interested in helping are asked to contact any of the committee members during a meeting, or by email.