How to book
a visit

This page contains essential information for members who wish to participate in visits organised by the Arts Society Corinium.  

Please click on the buttons below to download the booking procedure information. 

We highly recommend completion and use of the ICE form when you attend a visit.

Frequently asked questions about booking a Visit 

What is a Booking Information Sheet? 

The Booking Information Sheet provides the specific details about the visit, how to make the booking and how to pay.

Where do I find the Booking Information Sheet? 

Each visit has its own Booking Information Sheet that should be downloaded from our website. 

At talks the Visit Secretary (VS) will have booking information sheets available. 

How will I know when I should book? 

We open booking to Members about 2 to 3 months before the start of the visit.


An announcement will be made at the Talks evening, in the  Newsletter and on the Website to say when booking is open.

How do I book?

Use the website page for the visit to download the booking information sheet, and follow its instructions. Please note that we regret that a verbal request is insufficient as all bookings need to be made by email.

Who can go on a visit? 

Members have priority on all visits, however we may offer the visit elsewhere, e.g. to non-members or other Arts Societies. 

What should I do if I have particular access needs, or concerns?

While some basic access information is provided on the Booking Information Sheet please contact the VS by email before booking a place on the visit, to see if it is suitable for you. 

How much does a visit cost?  

Each visit is different and we state the included cost to you on the Booking Information Sheet for the visit. 

How do I pay for the visit? 

The Booking Information Sheet provides the details of our account with Barclays to make a credit transfer or pay by cheque. 

When do I need to pay? 

Ideally you should make the payment at the time of booking. Your booking and payment at the very latest should be with the VS by the Closing Date as stated on the Booking Information Sheet. 

Can I pay by cash? 

You will need to contact the VS first as cash can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances, and only with prior agreement. 

I can no longer go on the visit. Can my friend go instead? 

Yes, but you need to contact the VS urgently to get the information needed for the visit insurance manifest.

I’ve made my booking for the visit, what happens next?

The VS will send out further details, information and any additional requirements by email in advance of the visit.  

Is it possible for the coach to pick me up nearer to where I live?

No. For each visit we agree a contract with the coach company and there can be NO deviations to the route. We have a single departure and return point. Usually, this is the Bus Stop near the Beeches Car Park in Cirencester. 

Is there anything else I need to know? 

Yes, there is the In Case of and Emergency (ICE) form that we recommend you complete. 

In Case of an Emergency (ICE) Form

What is the purpose of the ICE form? 

The ICE is intended to prevent avoidable delays in emergency treatment by providing information about your medication any allergies and your GP contact information to emergency medical staff. 

Do I have to provide an ICE form to come on a visit? 

No you don’t, the form is voluntary. 

The information is private, how do you protect it?  

You complete the form with the requested information and put it in a sealed envelope, with your name on the outside. 

Keep the envelopes on you for the duration of the visit.

Only the emergency medical staff will open the envelope should there be a need. 

What do you do with the ICE form?  

You retain the envelope with you during the visit.

Do I have to make a new form for each visit? 

No, the same envelope can be re-used if your medical details are unchanged. Make sure the form information is up to date, e.g. changes in medication.