With the easing of restrictions we are starting to look at organising visits. Future society visits will be announced when we are able to organise them within Government Covid guidelines.

If you feel adventurous here are a couple of locations that are worth considering for a self-organised visit.

Malmesbury Abbey House Gardens

There is a sculpture display running here from March 21 to May 31st. The gardens are well worth visiting and are five acres of diverse planting and tranquility. If you are visiting then do be aware that they have some dates where clothing is optional. This information is in their calendar, so you can avoid arriving and perhaps feeling over dressed!

Please check their website for ticket details.

Asthall Manor On Form Unlocked - 2nd May 2021

Continuing on our gardening and sculpture theme, Asthall Manor, whose gardens were planted by Isabel and Julian Bannerman in 1997-1998 and which was the home of the infamous Mitford sisters, is holding a stone sculpture exhibition from May 2.

Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite.


If you are feeling fed up that you can't travel abroad why not try out a virtual online trip, or visit. (previously Virtualtrips) will whisk you away on an hour long tour given by a local guide at places all over the world.

While it costs you nothing to join a tour, there is a facility to leave a tip if you so wish. It’s great for the local tour guides, who then have a way to make some income.

So why not breakfast in Bucharest, lunch in Ljubliana and spend dinner time in Dublin. The world is your oyster!